I am fortunate to receive a modest level of funding from British Swimming and have this year been chosen by Speedo as one of its sponsored athletes. Toyota has also stepped in to support me, and a number of individuals are backing my Olympic journey. I am extremely grateful to all my sponsors as support is critical, without it my choices are simple but stark; sacrifice sporting or academic performance and find paid work.

I use any sponsorship support to help fund competitions, camps, equipment, specialist food and training expenses. In return, I will undertake social media posts, public speaking, swim clinics, marketing support, product placement and brand publicity.

I am looking for supporters who can contribute in some way or other to help me achieve my goal of representing Great Britain at the highest of international levels and hopefully bring back medals to the UK. If you think you would like to be one of my sponsors or supporters, please get in touch via email at teamtomdean@gmail.com.

I will continue to develop my website and social media accounts, so I hope you will check in to keep up with my progress. Providing support to young talent to help them achieve their full potential can be rewarding for both parties.

If, and when, I reach the Olympics you can know you have genuinely helped make that possible. Hopefully, you will be cheering me on having invested in the process that put me there. Help from people like you means the difference between reaching a final or getting on the podium. Swimming is a sport where milliseconds make the difference – your support can give me the milliseconds.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

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We are right behind you. Just so glad to share this with you!
— Mark Felstead
Fantastic to read all of that Tom and I’ll look forward to following more of your preparations for Tokyo & beyond. Good luck as you start at Bath—you have the determination to succeed at both your chosen career and your swimming.
— Susie Bridge
What a year you’ve had - amazing and inspiring. Thinking of you as you move to Bath - I’m sure you’ll love it despite the challenges - which I know you’ll relish. You make all who know you hugely proud.
— Ian Parish
Well done brohirum, keeping your cool and smashing the pool
— Alex Vine | Swimming Coach Maidenhead
Well done u beast!
— Tom Crowmore
Congratulations Tom! We’re cheering for you over here in the States!!!! 🎉
— Carly Perri
Well done Tom Dean, making Maidenhead proud!
— Ken Kang
You are something else boy!
Congratulations buddy 🙌🏼 you deserve it
— Fabian Michael Whitbread
You are a complete inspiration, and we have no doubt that you will do amazingly at Bath and beyond.
— Team Bacon
I couldn’t be more proud to know you - what you have achieved is fantastic and I’ve no doubt you will continue to set records, maintain your academic grades and remain the grounded, smart, funny and all-round fab person I know. Cheering from the sidelines!
— Samantha Bagchi
You did phenomenally well ! Congratulations! You deserve it. Keep smashing it 💪🏼 so happy for you!
— Elly Scanlon
That’s class mate well done!
— Greg Tyler
Awesome. Simply awesome!
— Mark Felstead
Congratulations Tom Dean - everyone is so proud! x
— Mike Lang
Unbelievable swim mate. Well done 👌
— Ashley Hughes
YES!! Tom Dean!!
1st Senior GB Call Selection
1st Senior International Final
1st Medal!
— Damian Ng
So lovely to read your story Tom, and your ambitions. There is no doubt that you will achieve them. Sending you love and support from your friends in the North.
— Christine Ball
Well done and good luck for the future!
— Isobel Benster
Great! I’m waiting to hear of each and every one of your steps forward.
— Duncan McCreadie
Well done Tom - like a boss!
— Chris Sutton
First of many 👌🏅🔥Top job Dean!
— Konrad Mayer
Well done Tom. I didn’t expect anything else!
— William Fletcher
Well done Tom really proud!
— Andrew Rutherford
What an awesome result Tom - huge congrats on your Gold. Amazing result after so much hard work. We were on the edge of our seats. You’re a star x
— Ian Parish